5 Essential Points

Consider these 5 points for communicating online.

1. Content. Was your content created with digital media in mind? Moving your print brochure online misses the point. Make content visual, interactive, and portable across social networks.

2. Know your market. Sound obvious? How much do you really know about your target audience? Does it tend to be more active in social media? Does it comprise a high percentage of mobile users? Would email be more effective than online advertising? Tailor the medium and content to appeal to your audience.

3. Assess the Tools. Technology changes quickly. Be familiar enough with web technologies to know which could be more effective for your campaign. Look at mobile technologies and multi-platform technologies (QR codes unite mobile, web, and email), always keeping in mind Point 2 (Know Your Market).

4. Have an ongoing action plan. Launching a web site is only a first step. Commit the resources to continuously engage your audience. Deliver content creatively, be interactive (elicit user feedback), and use social media to boost your online footprint.

5. Analyze and adjust. Good analytics will not break the budget. Even low-cost solutions can provide critical metrics to determine the efficacy of your campaign. Use data gathered by analytic tools and adjust tactics as needed to improve results. See What Are Your Analytics Telling You?


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