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Simple QR Code Marketing

October 13, 2011  
King Stree Blues QR

Consumers love their smartphones. And what’s more fun than scanning bar and QR codes to comparison shop, exchange contact information, and get specials and discounts on goods and services?

While recently at one of my favorite spots for lunch, King Street Blues, I noticed this clever poster. To entice customers to join their email list and receive discounts, a QR code is printed on the poster. When scanned, a web form opens in the browser. Fill in a few fields, hit send, and that’s it. Welcome to the e-Club - and a $9.99 discount off my next meal!

It’s a great use of very simple technology. There are countless ways to use QR codes, from basic marketing and promotion to tracking digital campaign conversions. If you’re not using QR codes, why not?


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