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Online Privacy: Where’s the Outrage?

April 25, 2011  

Why is the online public so cavalier about online privacy? Is it that the risk seems so small, or so remote? The muted responses to security breaches and outright abuse of personal information apparently has emboldened web juggernauts to act first and consider security later.  The Department of Justice now has settlement agreements relating to consumer privacy with Google, Twitter, and Facebook. Yet these settlement agreements get scant attention in the trade press and even less in the mainstream media. Do we not really care about privacy breaches any more? Or, is it just the price we pay to be on the web (or is it in the web)?

Web consumers certainly share the blame. We are too easily enticed to share personal information for a free app. Plus, security best practices are often ignored. Apparently we are willing to risk some privacy invasion as the cost of getting cool web stuff (and we thought the ubiquitous ads were the only cost). But how egregious would Facebook’s bad acts have to be to turn members against them? It may not be long before we see real outrage.


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