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Atwitter Over Google Search Plus Your World

January 11, 2012  
google search plus your world

Is Google’s new Search plus Your World a cool social search tool for Google+ users, or a brazen attempt to further monetize search by targeting ads to its over 40 million users?

It’s both, of course. As Facebook has demonstrated, the general public has implicitly accepted the grand bargain of social networks: give up some degree of privacy and accept blatant marketing in exchange for free (as in monetary cost) use of the social networks.

So why is Twitter so bent out of shape about Search plus Your World, calling it “a bad day for the Internet”? Will it really be bad for users to have their social content appear in search results? Does this somehow punish Twitter? The issue of Twitter content on Google search is a red herring, separate and apart from Search plus Your World. If Twitter is unhappy that Google does not crawl their content, they should renew their agreement with Google. Twitter obviously sees Google+ as a threat and is launching an easy salvo.

Are users of Google and Twitter the losers in this spat, as Gigaom opines (http://bit.ly/AoOstG)? They would be, but for the grand bargain they have made. Without an open social protocol, users do not control their own content, allowing Google, Twitter, and Facebook to fight over it. As long as the networks control the content and monetization, users will be powerless. Is the bargain worth it?



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